Yummy Pet Munchies

We were very recently sent some Dog treats by GJW Titmuss to try out on our dogs.  They sent us two flavours of their Pet Munchies range to try... 'Sushi Training Treats' and 'Liver'.

Pet Munchies are 100% natural dog treats, with no artificial additives or preservatives, which is great because as you know our pet grooming range is natural and organic, so we very happy to try the treats out on our dogs.

First of all we tried the 'Liver' flavour... which was very popular with the dogs, they have a very strong and rich smell, so the dogs were getting excited the minute we opened the bag and they really enjoyed the treats.

The second flavout, Sushi s a great and original idea... and again the dogs enjoyed them.  The Sushi treats are quite small though, and probably better suited to smaller dogs than my large hungry boxer dog.  He did however really enjoy them.

We would recommend Pet Munchies, 100% Natural Dog Treats and you should certainly have a look at the GJW Titmuss website!





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