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Spend £30 & Get A FREE Coconut Oil!

Spend £30 on Quistel pet grooming products this November and you'll get a FREE 25g Organic Coconut Oil! Our NEW Coconut oil is an incredible product that can help and treat many, many health issues and problems for your pet.  We've only had the product a few weeks and its been selling really well and we've had lots of great feedback... this months offer gives you a great opportunity to try out this amazing product. The 25g trial size of the coconut has also been reduced and in now only £3.95!

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We've Gone Crazy About Coconut!!!

A couple of weeks ago we were talking to one of our stockists, a dog groomer who uses our Shampoos and Lotions... and also sells them onto her customers when she mentioned Coconut Oil and how good it was for dogs.  To be honest, we knew about it as a product for people because we sell it via our sister company Peake Health... but we didn't realise that it could be used on dogs and more importantly, just what an amazing product it is! Launching new products can normally take a bit of time, but we decided to move very quickly and get the coconut oil onto our website as quickly as we could... and we've been amazed at how...

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Coconut Oil For Dogs

Next week we'll be adding a new addition to our product range, we're going to be stocking Viridian's Organic Coconut Oil... and its a truly amazing product that has many, many health benefits for both dogs and people! This is just a short introduction to the product as we're going to do a full article or two about it next week and go into it in a bit more detail... but we just couldn't resist telling you all about it today because we really quite excited about it! There's been a bit of a buzz about it for a while now and there is a lot about it on the internet at the moment, so its definitely worth doing some...

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