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Summer Grooming Care Tips For Horses!

A healthy horse's coat in top condition should gleam and shine in the summer, whether its under the sunlight in the fields or under the lights of the show ring.   Their coat and mane should be a rich, full colour, that you can almost see shimmer as it reflects the light. Regular daily grooming such as brushing and washing contributes to your horses coat by helping to remove dirt and invigorating the skin... it can also help to keep them cool in the summer because a clean, short coat allows perspiration to evaporate more freely.  Horses of course will sweat more during exercise in the summer, and if the sweat is allowed to dry on the hairs it can damage...

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We're going to... 'The Manchester Pet Show'

We're excited to announce that Quistel will be exhibiting at 'The Manchester Pet Show' on the 7th and 8th of September at event city... and we can't wait! We're going to be running extra special competitions and new promotions just for the exhibition, so if you love pets and love Quistel's products then it's well worth coming down to see us.  We'll be posting more exciting details on the website over the coming weeks, so keep your eye's peeled! You can find out more about 'The Manchester Pet Show' on their great website and also book your tickets there... so what are you waiting for, get them booked and come and meet the Quistel team! See you there!

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Horse & Pony Of The Month - July 2013

Calling All Horse & Pony Owners.... We Want Your Photos!!! We're running a new competition this month just for Horses and Ponies... its just like our 'Puddy Cat & Pooch Competition', we want you to send us your pictures of your happy horses and pretty ponies... and the most popular snap will WIN £50's worth of Quistel's Horse Grooming products. The competition will be run via our Facebook page... so if you want to enter you can send us your photos by email ... customers@quistel.comor post it onto our Facebook page...www.facebook.com/Quistel  All of the entries will be displayed on Facebook and at the end of July we will pick a top three based on the number of 'Like's' and 'Shares'...

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