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August's Top 3 Quistel Pets!

Those of you that follow us on facebook will know that we announced the top 3 in August's Puddy Cat & Pooch competition on Monday. For those of you that might have missed it.... The top 3 with the most 'likes' were Gizmo with 307 votes, Bella with 356 votes and Spencer with 442 votes. Bella Gizmo Spencer We're giving these three amazing dogs a week to battle it out to see who finishes first... so keep voting and liking these three photos and we'll announce the winner a week today and don't forget we also give prizes the pets that finish in second and third place. So good luck to our top 3!

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September's Pooch (& Puddy Cat) Competition

Quistel's 'famous' Pooch & Puddy Cat competition is back again for September... so please send us your pet photos for a chance to WIN some of Quistel's amazing grooming therapies and health products! As usual the competition is run via our facebook page, you send us your photos, we post them on facebook and the picture with the most likes wins! We give prizes to the top 3 pets... the winner get £50's worth of Quistel, 2nd get £25's worth and 3rd get £15's. So if you want to win some of our great products such as our organic pet shampoos, conditioners, lotions spray or our amazing 'world famous' ear cleaner then send us your pet photos. Its really easy...

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Puddy Cat & Pooch Of The Month - July 2013

It's competition time again... we want your dog and cat photos for July's 'Puddy Cat & Pooch Of The Month'.  This is your chance to WIN £50's worth of Quistel's organic pet grooming and care products. All you need to do is send us a photo of your pretty pet, we'll post it to our Facebook page and the pet photo with the most 'Like's and 'Shares' wins the prize! At the end of July we'll pick the top three most popular photo's and then give everyone a week to get their final votes in... so if you enter your pet, its worth your while sharing your photo with friends and getting them to 'Like' it.  The winner of July's...

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