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Summer Grooming Care Tips For Horses!

A healthy horse's coat in top condition should gleam and shine in the summer, whether its under the sunlight in the fields or under the lights of the show ring.   Their coat and mane should be a rich, full colour, that you can almost see shimmer as it reflects the light. Regular daily grooming such as brushing and washing contributes to your horses coat by helping to remove dirt and invigorating the skin... it can also help to keep them cool in the summer because a clean, short coat allows perspiration to evaporate more freely.  Horses of course will sweat more during exercise in the summer, and if the sweat is allowed to dry on the hairs it can damage...

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The Curious Case Of Charlie The Westie

Late last year, shortly before Christmas, one of our customers, Victoria Bampton contacted us to ask us a question about her dog Charlie.  Charlie, a westie, had started to change colour... his coat had gone from being beautifully white to a distinctly brown colour. The sudden change was obviously very worrying and Victoria looked into what could be causing it, she had been used using Quistel shampoo on Charlie for about 6 months... and had been delighted with how it helped his flaky dry skin.  But could the shampoo be the cause of the sudden colour change in Charlie's coat? To be honest, we had never encountered this problem before... Quistel has been around for more than 10 years, used...

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There is Hope... with help from Quistel!

Those of you that regularly visit our site, read the blog or keep an eye on our facebook or twitter pages will know that we try and help as many pets as we can by donating a lot of our products to pet charities and organisations that are sometimes used as prizes in raffles or there auctioned off to raise money.  We also try to promote as many events as we can and help some of these amazing charities and rescue centres get some extra publicity, we do what we can but we're in total awe of what some of these great people do for neglected animals, there the real heroes! As you might know our Shampoos, Conditioners and Lotions...

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