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Organic Bio-Restoring Cat Spray Lotions

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Quistel’s Organic Bio-restoring Spray Lotion comes in a handy spray bottles and has been specifically formulated for topical use on your Cat’s sensitive skin.  It can be used at any time on any area of the skin or coat that might be causing you concern.

The lotion can also be used as therapeutic spray to instantly relieve the distress caused by allergies, hot spots, eczemas, bites, sores and itches.


Our Cat & Kitten range of pet care grooming products are popular with both pet owners and pet professionals.



Just spray liberally as often as you see fit and leave to dry.  No need to rinse.


Did You Know:

That our Bio-restoring Lotion Spray is a brilliant way to maintain the skin and coats of dogs that dislike being washed.  It helps with itchy flaky skin, stimulates re-growth on bald spots and smells great!

Available in 150ml and 50ml, Trial Size!


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