Natural Organic Pet Grooming

We know just how much you love your dogs, puppies, cats and kittens... because we feel exactly the same way. There more than just a pet, there a member of your family, so of course your passionate about their health and wellbeing.

Quistel has been producing and supplying our Natural Organic Pet Grooming Therapies to caring pet owners for more than 10 years and we're proud of the fact that our grooming products are Organic.


Our Quistel Organic Bio-restoring Grooming Therapies are Arnica Montana based to enhance the natural rejuvenating abilities of skin, coat and mane.  There specifically formulated for your pet's sensitive skin and there unique properties ensures that your pet's skin and coat is lustrously clean and healthy and smells just wonderful too.

It was especially developed to produce classic show winning coats while assisting your pet to resist common skin and coat ailments which do occur in most domestic animals and horses.


By using Quistel over the long term your pet’s skin and coat will remain in optimum health and condition.  Vets, Breeders and Groomers alike all advise and regularly supply Quistel products.  The proven benefits of using Quistel’s organic products are catching the eye of an ever-increasing number pet owners in both the UK and internationally.

The organic formula used in each Quistel product is the result of years of research and a deep understanding of what makes the very best in pet hygiene and skin care.


Quistel’s Pure Concentrated Omega-3 Dietary Supplement has all the vital resources for maximising animal well-being.

Produced from Icelandic sand eels, provides a massive 1.8g per 5ml of essential fatty acids and high levels of the important EPA and DHA needed for proper growth and maintenance of cerebral tissue and optic cells. They also help the immune system and promote wellbeing.

As in humans, your pet can benefit mentally as well as physically from supplementation. It can help to improve concentration during training and can assist with the relief of depression and the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.


Physically, Quistel’s Pure Concentrated Omega-3 dietary supplement can help improve most skin conditions including eczema and joint problems such as arthritis.


Animals of all ages can benefit from Quistel’s Omega-3 dietary supplement and being very concentrated only a small daily dose is needed.


Omega-3 is also essential during pregnancy to help produce a healthy litter and to protect the mother.

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