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Heres a selection of testimonials we have received from our customers that have used Quistel's Soothing Ear Cleaner on their pets...


Ear Cleaner 

I would happily recommend the Quistel Soothing Ear Cleaner.  My own 15 year old Labrador has suffered from chronic ear infections all her life.  After much expense, with many trips to the vets over the years and their chemical solutions (Canaural and Surolan) just not working for her, I began to research natural alternatives in the hope I may find a cost effective and once-and-for-all remedy

So I ordered a 150 ml bottle of Quistel Soothing Ear Cleaner to give it a try.  Seeing it contained Gentian Violet, a purple solution my mum always applied on our sore mouth ulcers when I was small, I felt it would be safe and soothing in my dog's ears.  After just two days applications, the gunk that I was able to clean out of Tilly's ear had to be seen to be believed.  The red soreness disappeared, she stopped scratching at her ears, the gunk got less and less, and for the first time in years, I was seeing a vast improvement.  I was so happy.  And now, three months on, if I see any gunk in her ears again, I use the Ear Cleaner twice a day, over a couple of days, and it's enough to clear it up. 

I don't think it will ever fully cure her problem, but I'm happy this keeps it firmly at bay. It's all-natural, far cheaper than paying for vet consultations and chemical alternatives, easy to apply, with minimal treatments required and most importantly, my dog is far happier now as a result. 

Finally, rather than using Canaural or Surolan which have a shelf-life of only 6 weeks before having to be discarded and bought again if more needed, The Quistel Ear Cleaner doesn't appear to have an expiry date/shelf-life so can be kept and used whenever necessary until the bottle is used up.

Hedy Goulty



Ear Cleaner

'I love Quistel's products - especially the Ear Cleaner!  Best thing on the planet by my reckoning... its brilliant stuff'

- Kathy Lane, Lanebern Saint Bernands