Quistel's Lavender Dog Lotion Spray

Quistel's Lavender Dog Lotion Spray

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Back by popular demand... and for a limited time... we're delighted to have our lovely Lavender Pet Lotion Spray back in stock!

This great pet care grooming accessory can also be used on dogs and puppies as quick way to clean them after a walk if they have got dirty and sweaty, so you don't have to get them wet and use shampoo.

Its great for topical use on your dog’s sensitive skin.  It can be used at any time on any area of the skin or coat that might be causing you concern.

Its also brilliant as therapeutic spray to instantly relieve the distress caused by allergies, hot spots, eczemas, bites, sores and itches.

And the Lavender fragrance helps to make your pet smell great!