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Yummy Pet Munchies

We were very recently sent some Dog treats by GJW Titmuss to try out on our dogs.  They sent us two flavours of their Pet Munchies range to try... 'Sushi Training Treats' and 'Liver'. Pet Munchies are 100% natural dog treats, with no artificial additives or preservatives, which is great because as you know our pet grooming range is natural and organic, so we very happy to try the treats out on our dogs. First of all we tried the 'Liver' flavour... which was very popular with the dogs, they have a very strong and rich smell, so the dogs were getting excited the minute we opened the bag and they really enjoyed the treats. The second flavout, Sushi s...

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The Curious Case Of Charlie The Westie

Late last year, shortly before Christmas, one of our customers, Victoria Bampton contacted us to ask us a question about her dog Charlie.  Charlie, a westie, had started to change colour... his coat had gone from being beautifully white to a distinctly brown colour. The sudden change was obviously very worrying and Victoria looked into what could be causing it, she had been used using Quistel shampoo on Charlie for about 6 months... and had been delighted with how it helped his flaky dry skin.  But could the shampoo be the cause of the sudden colour change in Charlie's coat? To be honest, we had never encountered this problem before... Quistel has been around for more than 10 years, used...

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Buy 1 Get 1 FREE On Xenca Pet Supplements

We have Buy 1 Get 1 Free on our Xenca Pet Health Supplement Range throughout March and April! These amazing natural health supplements can help your dog and cat's heart, joints, skin and coats! So buy 1 of these supplement via our website and when you check out, add a note telling us which other supplement you would like and you'll get a free Xenca Pet Supplement! Please note that the range doesn't include the Xenca Collagen products!

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