Organic Bio-Restoring Cat Shampoos
Organic Bio-Restoring Cat Shampoos

Organic Bio-Restoring Cat Shampoos

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There are some Kittens and Cats that suffer needlessly from skin and fur disorders which cause both your pet and you, the proud owner, distress.

However bathing your cat using Quistel’s specifically Cat formulated Organic Shampoo will help your Cat to resist such ailments.  Its Bio-restoring and its unique properties ensure that it keeps your Cat or Kitten's skin and coat lustrously clean, healthy and smelling wonderfully!

Our Cat & Kitten range of pet care grooming products are popular with both pet owners and pet professionals.


Dilute the shampoo up to 1:10 parts water and use regularly for a clean, healthy, and happy cat.

Wet coat with warm water, apply the shampoo and massage into the coat and onto the skin until it foams lightly (remember that natural products do not form large suds).

Leave the Quistel Organic Bio-restoring Cat Shampoo for a minimum of 5 minutes. If the coat or skin condition is sub-standard then leave for up to 15 minutes to work its magic!

Always rinse thoroughly!


Did You Know: 

That Quistel’s Organic Bio-Restoring Shampoo is highly concentrated and can also be used for therapeutic use to relieve allergies, hot spots, eczemas, coat/hair loss, dandruff and itches when used as an alternative to Malaseb or Episoothe

Also available… our handy Trial Size!